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Read the full article with photos on page 7 of this week’s Dec. 19 issue.




The Dec. 19 issue has Christmas Greetings to the community.






Find everything from unique gift basket options to antique treasures
 for that hard to buy for person, as well as centerpieces, wreaths, and gift cards.




Find more winning photos as well as the full article
on the back page of this week’s Dec. 12 issue.



Read the full article surrounding the controversy on pages 2 and 6 inside this week's Dec. 5 issue.


Find more photos on the front page of this week's Dec. 5 issue.


Read more on this in the "From the Editor's Desk" column on page 6 in the Dec. 5 issue.



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Find information regarding the upcoming Nov. 6 election
all throughout this week’s Oct. 31 issue.



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Read the rest on page 10 inside the Oct. 31 issue.



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Find more details on this event and how to get free tickets inside the October 10, 2018 issue.



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Find the full article on page inside the October 10, 2018 issue.



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Read the full article on page 3 inside the Sept. 26 issue.



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See the winning photos in color on page 9 inside the Sept. 26 issue.



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The 2018 Souvenior Edition of the Newaygo County Agricultural Fair
is inside the Sept. 19 issue of the TimesIndicator.



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Find the full schedule of events, activities, merchant activities and sales,
hay art locations and so much more inside the Sept. 19 issue.



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Find the full article on page 2 in the Sept. 12 issue.



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Find more photo coverage on both the front and back page of the Sept. 12 issue.



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